To give you an idea of my background in photography, I started off doing a foundation course in Fine Art & photography to learn the basic skills and knowledge, but already having a Mother who was a successful Artist i had a good head start & a lucky gene pool.

I made the decision to Travel Asia & try to make it in the big world as a freelance Travel photographer.
This went well and i travelled around on my trusty motorbike, getting to out of the way places and less travelled roads, taking pictures and selling them on to various publications around the world.
My photo's are still available for commercial use. (please see links page)
I also continued my painting & Art work as a separate business, which I still manage time for.

Since returning to the UK about 10 years ago I have used my experience as a Travel photographer, a similar style of documentary/reportage photography and taken it to my Wedding portfolio.
I'am very flexible to where i can photograph & have travelled as far as India & closer to home in Spain to document Wedding's.

Having a young Daughter has also honed my Baby portraits & children’s photography skills, learning the patience & timing needed, she is probably the most photographed child in the South East!
I have a mobile light/studio system, with easy set up to take around to clients homes, or I have Studio space available in the St Albans area if preferred, another option is a location Family shoot, with many great areas nearby for this, or even a favourite of your choice.